5 Common Tips And Tricks To Get More Traffic

Traffic Tips For Active Marketers

One of the most popular questions asked by many online marketers is how to drive more traffic to their sites. The answer to this question is quite easy.

By looking at multiple traffic opportunities and not focusing on one method we can get traffic streams from many different angles. However getting visitors from different areas of the web can be time consuming and difficult.

A lot of effort, strategies and techniques need to put in to action in order to make it as success.

common traffic tips

Below are 5 typical online marketing methods utilized by many experts to get extra visitors to their websites:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A successful SEO campaign will considerably increase the number of visitors that come to your website. Considering that over 60 % of people who are looking for items and services choose to use online search engine to find them.

If your website is ranked high for various keywords in your niche, you will get lots of totally free internet traffic to your site.

Among the methods to optimize your website to be internet search engine friendly is by links from other sites relevant to your site so Google sees you as an authority in your niche. When other sites are pointing to your website, the search engines deem your site as important and this impacts your position in the listings.

2. Outsourcing

This is one of the easiest way to bring in traffic to your website. There are a lot of outsourcing websites like Fiverr where you can pay to get traffic to your site.

It can cost as little as $5 to get a huge amount of targeted traffic to your site if you choose the right gigs. You need to be careful when outsourcing as some sellers may over promise what they offer.

As the online world evolves a lot of people have access to tools which will send ‘bot traffic’ and they can trick Google into thinking people have visited your site.

Always be very careful when using this approach as sometimes you can do more harm than good.

3. Short Article Writing & Publishing.

Articles are the biggest tool for online marketing. They assist your SEO campaign by creating important backlinks to your site. Others may click on these links taking them to your site.

By composing short posts on relevant websites about your services or products, you can make other aware of what you have to offer you can get more visitors.

If you have authority sites which accept guest posts this is a great way to get some extra traffic. When the publishers use your articles in their blogs or websites, they will have your bio details which contain links to your site at the bottom of your posts, which means that the publishers will contribute their link from their sites to yours.

Getting a backlink like this is perfect to climb the rankings in Google. When their visitors who read your posts and if they wish to know more about your service or products may click the links at the bottom of your books to reach to your site.

4. PPC Marketing.

Pay Per Click is advertising provided by the internet search engine companies (Google, Yahoo! and others) where you spend money to have your website at the top of the search results.

Many search engines offer leading positions to the greatest bidder. It is a fast way to have your ad on the first page of the keyword search as listed in the search engines.

There is a catch: every time someone clicks on your ad you have to pay. Make a spending plan and adhere to it and ensure to monitor your account, those clicks build up quickly.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

An affiliate program is another method to drive traffic to your website. Your affiliates are your commissions-based sales individuals who generate income when they sell your items.

They drive traffic to your website in exchange for commissions on sales. If you don’t desire to handle your affiliates yourself, you might subscribe to affiliate network such as ClickBank if your products are digital items.

ClickBank market is able to give exposure for your products to thousands of affiliates who are searching for items to sell online.

In Summary

Any internet company will fail without a steady traffic stream to their website. If you have a site which you are using for your business it’s a perfect time to use the strategies above to get people to buy your products.

The above 5 online marketing techniques are time tested & shown increase sales and visitors to your website.

Tips For Running a Successful Online Business

What are the requirements for success online?

Some may say find the need and fill it. In other words, find a problem and create a solution to the problem that already exists. So what are the things that you need to have a successful business online?



You need to have a website and not just any website you need a website that attracts just the right people to your product. It needs to convert those people to customers at some point. You do this by creating irresistible offers on your lead capture page. It requires excellent conversion to do so at the forefront of your funnel.


website designer new plymouth



What is super important for your small business website as having a website that is pleasing to Google. The term for this is search engine optimisation. Many web design/SEO agencies perform SEO for local small businesses to get them more exposure and more clients. The return on investment is incredible when applying the right SEO Techniques. This is why it takes a specialist to perform this task.


seo services


Social Media

What modern day business does not have a social media presence? Not one that wants to be taken seriously. Just take a look at all the biggest brands in the world like Coca-Cola or Nike. You will see how they create communities on their social media properties. They leverage these properties to create brand awareness through promotion.


social media company


Customer Support

We all know some companies that suck in this area. There are also businesses built on the foundation of creating the best customer support ever. You may be the only person running your business so you could be the salesperson and customer support.

Whatever the case may be you need to have customer support that knows how to deliver. You never know how much longer you will increase the lifetime value of these customers by taking great care of them.


online support new plymouth



There are many more aspects of running a successful business online. This article touched on some more interesting aspects of it. If you want information about online business, Aardvark works has just the right solutions for you.

Fishbat Lists The Top Three Internet Marketing Mishaps You Must Avoid

TRIBECA, N.Y., Nov. 7, 2015/PRNewswire-iReach/ – fishbat is a quickly developing internet advertising organization that offers organizations some assistance with getting the most esteem out of their online vicinity. As a full-benefit Internet promoting firm, fishbat offers SEO, site outline, computerized substance and pay-per-snap publicizing.

Photograph -†inside computer used for search engine optimization

1. Outsider information. Acquiring information from an outsider is seldom adequate in the realm of computerized promoting. On the off chance that you choose to purchase email records with a specific end goal to target more potential customer base from a Vancouver SEO Expert, you are at an immense danger of diminishing your open rate and losing gigantic measures of these “supporters.” Even if your natural endorser rundown is little, it is loaded with individuals who are really intrigued and need to get overhauls and offers from your organization. Also, there is no real way to guarantee that the rundown you’re purchasing is totally dependable, as it may contain old or deactivated email addresses, along these lines expanding your bob rate.

2. Take after back objectives. While an objective of each organization is to pick up an expansive after on online networking, try not to be taking after arbitrary clients entirely to pick up take after backs. You don’t need just anybody perusing your tweets or seeing your Instagram posts, yet exclusively the individuals who may be truly intrigued by your items or administrations. Taking after arbitrary individuals regularly brings about devotees who have truly no pertinence to what you’re offering, and are in this manner uninterested and unrealistic to ever turned into a client or customer. You ought to be focusing on a particular market and encouraging so as to pick up supporters them to take after your page themselves, as this will eventually bring about expanded communications and exchanges.


3. Internet searcher written work. At the point when composing official statements or creating other composed substance for your business, your essential center ought to be on perusers or potential clients. A typical slip-up is composing exclusively for web crawlers through the usage of substance showcasing that is weighed down with watchwords. While watchwords are critical for the rankings and acknowledgment of your organization, your primary objective ought to be giving the peruser content that is significant to your business and their hobbies. There is a fine adjust that ought to be created in the middle of catchphrases and substance, however make sure to dependably remember the client amid the composition and generation process.

fishbat is a full-benefit internet promoting firm and online networking organization devoted to joining a wide range of organizations with their intended interest groups in the best and productive way. Through inventive procedures in online networking administration, website improvement (Vancouver SEO Agency), marking, web plan, notoriety administration and advertising, fishbat advances a reliable and expert online voice for the greater part of its customers.

Media Contact: Scott Darrohn, fishbat, 855-347-4228, press@fishbat.com

How To Analyze Your Digital Marketing Environment.

First of all you are going to do an internal look at your environment or more specifically your business-marketing environment. Essentially that’s looking at your own company and how your marketing division is operating.

The first stages means looking at your corporate marketing resources. This needs to be looked at honestly and without biased opinions.

One example is your digital marketing resources.

digital marketing analysis

Every organization I’m aware of always talks about how good their own online marketing resources and how they can achieve great things for their company.

Well I say if every business had the best marketing people, then why on earth are so many businesses going under? Why are so many businesses failing to grow profits exponentially?

If everybody has such great marketing divisions, would there be any businesses in trouble?


Would businesses run into the challenges they do? I think sometimes we tend not to make honest assessments.

So in looking at our corporate marketing resources we want to be very honest where our strengths may be. For instance your digital marketing resources could be very strong in the technology field. And a little bit weak in communications.

Therefore that’s what you would want to concentrate on. Strengthening your position there.


You would have heard of the synonym S.W.A.T

You want to understand what you do well, what your strengths are.

If you look back at our previous posts, we like to talk about the SWAT analysis.
The corporate digital marketing competencies that you do well are going to be your strengths.

And you need to know what your weaknesses are.

What don’t you do well?

So go ahead and create a list of examples for competencies or strengths and weaknesses. You know this could turn out to be very long.

And for one company their strengths could be another company’s weaknesses.

Some examples of things you could look for that I haven’t already mentioned.

Brand loyalty, patents held, technological base, research capabilities and number of locations.

Those are all things that could either be a digital marketing strength or weakness for different companies.

You also need to look at your corporate culture.

Especially if your recommending making some changes in your organization.

How likely are those changes going to be to get through?

It’s very hard to change and adapt to something new.

So you’ve got to do an honest assessment of where we you are. With that some of the things you would look at in that assessment is the culture of risk taking.

Are your digital marketing people willing to go out beyond what they already know and take a risk, or take a gamble?

And also,

Is this more of a profit centered business or people centered business.

The reason it’s important to understand the difference between the two and decide which one your organization is, is because it’ll tell you what kind of citizens are willing to work with your business.

Learn your target market.

Generally there is more business marketing to everyone, instead of working out a buyer’s persona.

Why decide your buyer’s persona.

You can customize your digital marketing message that will be best understood for that demographic, that culture, that target market.

Suppose you’re a Search Engine Optimization agency. This could mean advertising on Facebook using a dedicated Facebook business page for SEO lead generation.

OK. So that’s a brief look at our internal environment and what your going to concentrate on though is your digital marketing resources.

And we call that resource analysis.

When we’re looking through the different digital marketing environments trying to find trends that may affect us is important. Giselle Abramovich Senior & Strategic Editor at CMO.com reports with digital technology moving at the speed of light, all brands have only one goal: be innovative…fast.

For more this video describes how digital marketing can have an effect on trends for business growth.

7 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Marketing


Mobile technology has proved to be the easiest, fastest and most accessible way of promoting one’s brand. In fact, almost all companies are benefiting from it. Here are the seven reasons why you need mobile marketing:

  1. SMS gives instant results

Text messages are the easiest and the fastest way you can reach your customers. Although it may be certain that everyone you sent a message to will respond, at least 99% of them can read your message. There are three possibilities here: first, you get a response within 90 seconds after receiving the message; second, your message will be stored for future use or reference; and last, your message will get deleted. Nevertheless, what matters most is that it has a higher response and reading rate compared to other tools such as social media, email and print.

  1. SMS can improve the other areas of your marketing strategies

mobile-marketingAs per statistics, studies show that 71% of tweets in Twitter are ignored, 88% of Facebook statuses are ignored as well and there are about 88% of email messages that are left unopened. With this statistic, you can expect that your messages cannot get across to the people you want to deliver it to. Hence, text messages are of great advantage because almost everyone has a cellphone.

When you use text messages, you are able to draw readers by giving them compelling messages to take notice of your social media accounts. It also helps in opening channels to other forms of your marketing strategies.

  1. Text messages can reach the unreachable

Not everyone has an access to the internet and it is safe to say that even if they do have an access, because of the many things to do online, there is no assurance that you will get noticed. Besides, not all can afford to have an internet connection at home; therefore, this makes text messaging a more affordable choice.

According to statistics, only 14% of adults aged between 18 and 29 check their emails daily. However, when it comes to text messages, using the same age range, they can receive and send more than 180 text messages every day.

  1. Higher response rates

Since the cellphones are just within reach and can be carried anywhere, this gives the reason why it has higher response rate.

  1. Mobile internet

With the emergence of smartphones and the advancement of technology, everything seems easy nowadays. Mobile marketing can be done with a simple touch of the fingers. You can update everything, such as social media platforms and even text messaging.

  1. Easy Access

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have the internet connection and a cellphone signal, you can easily access everything. You do not need an office just to make transactions.

  1. Mobile is here to stay

It will never be out of trend. It is a staple and will always be.

Now, if you have a business, make sure you do mobile marketing to guarantee fast and effective results. Learn more from the video below!

How to make Money with Your Website


Making money with your website is fairly easy, that is if you know what to do. However, if you are a newbie in this field, it needs more than luck. You have to be equipped with proper knowledge to maximize the full potential of your website to generate residual income.

make-money-onlineThe first thing you need to do is to have your very own website. You can either get one for free or better yet, buy your own domain which will require you to pay a little amount. Although, it would be a good idea to try out getting a free one first just as so you know how to go about in working on a website. When you have established the niche of your choosing, you can then buy your domain.

It is very important to choose a niche that you are very interested in. This way, it will not be hard for you to work on it. This makes things easier for you especially in ensuring the quality of work you put into your website. Of course, it is essential that your niche has low competition and high in demand, this way, you can penetrate well in the market.

Working on your traffic is very important in making money for your website. You need to attract as many prospective customers as you can to ensure that you can earn more.

Here are some tips of how to make money with your website:

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising

This is where Google pays you when people click on the advertisements shown in your website. All you need to do is to sign up in Google AdWords and Google will now place ads on your website. The payment would depend on how many clicks you generate in a month and Google will pay you directly.

Direct Advertising

If your website is doing well, you can contact companies to advertise their products on your website. This gives you the opportunity to have an asking price according to what you want. Of course, it is essential that before doing this, your website is already established and you have a huge traffic. Managing your ads is also important to ensure that your clients will also gain as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing id considered to be the fastest way of making money with your website. All you need to do is to advertise products and by using links, you can direct readers to the business website. Once they buy any product from that website, you can earn a commission. What is very important her is that you need to be an authority of a particular niche just as so you can drive more traffic.

When you do any of these, you can earn as much as you can with your website.

SEO for your business


SEO Explained: Why You Need It And How Newcastle Professionals Can Help

Search engine optimization, what we commonly refer to as SEO, is not something uncommon in this modern and digital age. Basically, if you wish to have a sustainable success with your online business, it is a good idea to optimize your website on a regular basis to ensure that it is in a good position in the search engines results.

So, What Is SEO?

seo2Well, most of us know the meaning, but for those of you who came in late, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines like Google and Bing through natural search results. In other words, it is implementing various methods to increase the visibility of your site on the search results.

With SEO, you are optimizing your website for the search engines with an aim of achieving a high page ranking. As such, you will be optimizing keywords in your niche to achieve the rankings. Ideally, for you to maintain your page rank, you need to be up to date with what is happening in the rapidly changing SEO industry. What worked yesterday in the engine world might not be effective today, and it might as well be meaningless tomorrow.

The search engines work is to analyze link structure, title tags, keyword density, proximity, total words in a certain area, directory name and structure, comment lines, etc. The list is endless. To make things even more complicated, every search engine has its own way of ranking pages, and this means creating different pages that meet each criteria.

Why Do You Need SEO?

seoThe answer to this question is simple; to be able to generate income using your site. Without SEO, you will not be visible in the first pages of the search engine results. This means you will have little to no visitors. This translates to no traffic to your site and without traffic, you are simply not in business. So, simply put, to create a sustainable success with your online business, you will need to implement SEO.

In fact, research has it that more than 80% of people use the internet to look for products and services. This is a huge chunk of potential customers. Ideally, studies show that 75% of these people will use the brands or service providers that appear on the first page of the results on the search engines. To put it into perspective, for every 5 people who search on Google, 4 of them will never go beyond the first page of results. This means, as an internet marketer you need to do all you can to have your website in the first few results and all this goes down to SEO.

SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization can be achieved using different techniques. Some of these techniques include:

Using Relevant Content

Content is king; you will need quality and relevant information for consumers who are looking for your services. For your site to be ranked at the top, it needs to be relevant and this means having content that will help your visitors


Relevant keywords are important as they play a major role in helping people find you and getting a higher ranking. This means keywords play a huge role in driving traffic to your website.

Link Building

Link building strategy also called as off-page SEO and it’s involves creating quality backlinks to your website. Practitioners use the term white hat, grey hat, and black hat SEO to determine what kind of links pointing to your site.

How a Newcastle SEO Company Will Help You

There is no denying the fact that the SEO world has become very competitive and SEO techniques are constantly changing. As such, you will need a way to get ahead of the competition. This means using reputable companies to outsource SEO services to achieve the best rankings possible. Ideally, you might not be knowledgeable in the SEO world and therefore you may need some help with your SEO campaign.

SEO companies all always adopting the latest strategies to help you achieve the best results. They also provide sophisticated SEO services and immediate results through various methods such as PPC advertising. That said, you will need a reputable, reliable and trustworthy SEO companies in Newcastle, Australia using legal strategies to help you create a sustainable success. To stay ahead of your game, professionals can help you catapult you to success in your online business.